May 23, 2012

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Freak here, last week I posted a video showing my frustrations as i've been having computer trouble, cat troubles and a summercold. Well I've got a bit of an update for you.

Last year in the month of May we planned the Playstation Move Marathon Month - but in the first week I acquired a summercold, and in the second week I got called out, with over 200 others, to a wildfire in northern Alberta to try to ensure it was contained after it had torn through the town of Slave Lake, Alberta. As an apology - we began releasing our marathon month videos as a regular episodic feature on the website.

This year is not going too much better

My first issue stemmed with broken or damaged materials that I received in preparation of a couple of reviews. Those will still happen, but sadly will not feature any working products.

Secondly, I had been blindsided with a bunch of legal issues - a few that went in our favor included copyright claims being released by Sony Music Entertainment, VCR (the band that had actually allowed us to use their theme for this years VHS Tribute Month), and World Wrestling Entertainment. The ones that haven't gone very well really pertain to google.

Google is the largest, and I do mean largest, entity on the internet - and their law is supreme. Sadly over a year ago someone, whose name will not be mentioned, performed in questionable (illegal) activity that constituted click fraud - and we lost our adsense. This also permenantly banned us from becoming partners on youtube, which especially sucks now that have a good fanbase and all-original content. I had spent a good amount of time trying to get this resolved citing good behavior and explaining that the unnamed party was terminated from our website. No go.

And then there's the cat issue, i've had this cat for 10 years and he's smashing my furnature and peeing on my expensive new floor.

And then that cold thing happened.

What I thought was a summercold had no cleared up after a full week of rest and medication. My concerns were growing more fierce as I've been without voice for several days (the day I recorded Freak N Nitro Radio with Kellen was actually a very good day) - and after finally seeing a doctor found out that this "summercold" is actually congectivitis (pink eye) and congestive bronchitis, among a couple other things. Basically I can't talk without going into coughing fits that make me feel like I have a hole in my lungs and have to kneel down, which is quite embarrassing in public. The short of that is I need to take a few weeks off due to fatigue and eye irritation especially. Hopefully when those pass I'll be able to do some projects that won't involve me speaking - like Long Story Short, or existing recorded footage.

Speaking of that, I actually have a couple projects "done" but have not been able to upload them - since a power surge that damaged my desktop a couple weeks ago I've had power issues - and this one apparently might be "overheating" related - as every time I render my Asylum Project interview with Jennie Breeden whose daily webcomic you should really check out my computer will abruptly shut down at 68%. I have not yet found a fix for this - and it's very concerning because if I don't then everything I do on the website will go up in jeopardy.

Sadly I cannot deal with the computer stuff until my symptoms clear, so I've gotta step back until early to mid June while Kellen Nitro takes the reins. He's got some goodies for you - of course Freak N Nitro Radio is still scheduled but he will have to call in a special guest for the next couple episodes - and an all new NitroRiff is slated to come online next week.

I am really sorry for the inconveniences and will do my best to heal up, get these computer issues sorted (worst case scenario i move my harddrives to the laptop and hook the monitors up to them in place of my pc for a while) and get back to producing videos for you to enjoy. I've actually got 2 "VHS Month" videos for "The Collection" that I will tackle when I am able - so they might have to come out in June - but I'll put extra care into them to ensure they're our best vids yet.

Until then,
Freak Out.
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