June 8, 2012

W4 Shoot Interviews - Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Recently, Jimmy TehFreak and Kellen Nitro were lucky enough to share a hotel with a few wrestling legends at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. After palling around and buying a few rounds in appreciation for the hard work these people did during their careers - we sat down with Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim (freakin) Duggan.


Topics included his history with the Hart Family, growing up a multi-sport athlete and his first break with the Von Erich family, how WCW tried to force him out of his contract, and still being active in the wrestling and sports entertainment industry today.

Special thanks to Jim Duggan for agreeing to chat with us so late at night, and reminder that you should check out his book Hacksaw: The Jim Duggan Story.. which was not his original idea for the title.

Stay tuned for future interviews with Sinn "Kizarny" Bodhi, and Jake the Snake Roberts.

By the way, Freak N Nitro Radio this week will come online on Saturday.
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Mo said...

I would have loved to shake your hand and talk a little Rasslin' too if I'd known you were there. Next time

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