August 30, 2012

W4 Shoot Interview - Sinn Bodhi

Recently, Jimmy TehFreak, Kellen Nitro and even Not That Guy got to sit down and have a chat with former Smackdown Superstar Sinn (Kizarny) Bodhi. We met with Sinn in Calgary, Alberta to discuss many topics and this half-hour interview is loaded with goodies that confirm or contradict a lot of things said online about him. Below is a rundown of topics discussed.

-Growing up, martial arts training, carnival history
-His experiences in Border City under Scott D'amore
-What's wrong with OVW and FCW
-His biggest influences, what he's learned from Jim Mitchell, Wolfie D, Scott "Raven" Levy, Jake Roberts
-How he met Stacy Carter
-Whether he'd work with Ring of Honor, Chikara (again) or WWE (again)
-His opinions of Vince Russo, Vince McMahon, Dixie Carter, how he was treated in the WWE.
-Road stories about Jake the Snake Roberts, Kid Kash
-TNA Nashville vs TNA Orlando
-Freakshow Wrestling and the Sinn vs Stacy Animal Rescue

and much much more. Special guest appearance by Jake the Snake Roberts, who did his very best to try to mess with the crew while shooting - and the man does good work.

If you are unfamiliar with our interviews - we also did a nice brief chat with Hacksaw Jim Duggan which you should check out as well.

EDIT - also, yesterday was Sinn's birthday - be sure to send him a personalized birthday message on twitter @SinnBodhi - he loves to hear from his SiNNaMon Muffinz.. yeah I know right?
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